Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Voilà Viola: Her smile and style says it all - love

I haven't had the pleasure of interviewing Golden-Globe winner Viola Davis - yet.  Take a look at her style and her smile. She dresses like she's in love.  Maybe it's because she's a new mom.  She and her husband recently adopted a baby girl, Genesis.  Maybe it's the worldwide praise for her acting skills in The Help and Doubt.  Or perhaps she's a woman who is happy in her own skin. Period.

She talks about her skin in Bill Duke's documentary, Dark Girls, which addresses the treatment of dark-skin black women in our society.  In the film, she attributes therapy in helping her overcome the negative comments she received about her skin color as a child. "I take responsibility for my road. I'm still unloading it, but it's much lighter, " she said.  My time with Viola will come, until then click here to read the LA Times Magazine story.  (Photos from LA Times Magazine).

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